Savage Underdogs

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LIVE Broadcast on SOUNDCHECK Show On Saturday 11th May, Savage Underdogs will be in the Live Arts Visual studio in Frome, Somerset doing a live gig at 9PM.  All you have to do is sign [...]

Savage Underdogs are a Punk Blues Rock band hailing from suburbs of Bournemouth, Dorset. With their storytelling lyrics and guitar solos they will get you blood pumping.

2018 has seen the release of a 12 track debut album, ‘California 99’. Recorded and self produced, the album smashes together the band’s Americana influences and storytelling with a defining backbone of hard punk.  A heady mixture of styles make themselves felt through the prism of that sound – think Springsteen vs. Social Distortion, or Cash vs. New Model Army and you’ll realise you’re on to a band that can’t be easily categorised, simply because they’re bringing something truly original.

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“The band have an abundance of original material and with some notable songwriting that shows some real promise.”

David Chinery – Rock Regeneration